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Intellectual Property/Copyright Vested in Third Part Entities - Eastleigh Bonsai Society does not have the legal authority to grant permission to re-use documents where legal rights are owned by third parties Entities and does not grant such permission.

Applications for Re-use or Use Outside Voluntary Dispensation - If you wish to make a specific application to Re-use or Use Outside Voluntary Dispensation any of our website contents, please forward your request to info@eastleighbonsai.co.uk to ask permission, together with details of what, if any, additional conditions and/or charges may apply.

Your application should specify your name, address and identify the information you want to re-use, the purpose for its re-use, and where you propose to use it. Eastleigh Bonsai Society will review your request and determine if they will extend and/or alter permission to re-use the re-use of the requested content. This decision is final.


Whilst we aim to ensure that all material is accurate at the time of publication, Eastleigh Bonsai Society does not accept responsibility for decisions based on information we make available for re-use, and we reserve the right to remove and/or amend any information without prior notice.

Please bear in mind that while materials downloaded from Eastleigh Bonsai Society’s website are the most up-to-date information we have available, this does not mean that the information remains correct or valid. You should make your own validation checks before using any information you read, review, download or otherwise consider.

Website Credits

Eastleigh Bonsai Society have worked with a talented team to develop this website and to provide a gateway for sharing information about Eastleigh Bonsai Society and the practice of the art, craft and science of bonsai. There are two groups that the Society would like to acknowledge:

1. Website Design and Creation
Eastleigh Bonsai Society asked the following team to develop the website on their behalf:

- Website Design and Marketing Development
IcedHotIdeas is a design, development and strategic marketing consultancy that is the brainchild of Brenda Martinez-Eslinger.
Brenda is a member of Eastleigh Bonsai Society and of the Chartered Institute of Marketing; her background in advertising art and branding is combined with over 20 years of corporate marketing experience. Contact any of our web collaborators through info@icedhotideas.co.uk

- Logo Development
TerriLynne Martinez has exercised her passion for fine art and design for nearly twenty years and now specialises in digital art, logo design and creation of marketing material. TerriLynne can be contacted via IcedHotIdeas.

- Content and Editorial
Raffy Martinez is an experienced copywriter and copy editor whose work spans editorial, technical, and business writing for web and print, to resumés and cover letters. Raffy can be contacted via IcedHotIdeas.

- Website Development
Jean Beaumont is a website developer and creative visual designer specialising in WordPress, animations, advertising, graphic design and photo editing. Jean can be contacted via IcedHotIdeas.

Eastleigh Bonsai Society much appreciates the excellence of these individuals’ work, and the creativity and originality they bought to our website. Without each of their contributions, we would have had a much more demure and less informative website. Their work creates a platform where we are able to proudly share with the bonsai community, and the larger community, the knowledge required and the pleasure we have in growing, developing and presenting bonsai.

Thank you.

2. Authors and other Contributors

Eastleigh Bonsai Society acknowledge the work of the following authors, photographers and artists in developing this website:

- Alex Kennedy
Best known for his extensive knowledge of Satsuki Azaleas, Alex Kennedy has been a frequent speaker and demonstrator at Eastleigh Bonsai Society. His books are still held up as the best reference material for growing Satsuki Azaleas in the British climate.

Alex was also a judge at several of our competitions at our annual shows held at the Broadlands Estate in Romsey, Hampshire.

- Collette Harrison
Collette has supported many, if not all, of the bonsai clubs in the South East and is an Honorary Member of Eastleigh Bonsai Society.

Collette is the driving force behind Bonsai Trees Southampton, which she started in 1988. Her bonsai have been used by Fujitsu Siemens, Lush Cosmetics and Estee Lauder in national advertising campaigns, and also as prizes for Gold medal winners at the Visit London 2006 Awards.

- Natsuo Kobayashi
Classes on developing and styling bonsai with Natsuo-san in Botley, Hampshire were attended by several members of Eastleigh Bonsai Society over a good number of years.

Natsuo-san trained in Japan for 5 years as the apprentice of Shigeo Kurosu–son of Hideo Kato–specialising in the care, refining and display of bonsai.

- Nobuyuki Kajiwara
Several members of Eastleigh Bonsai Society have been students of Nobu Kajiwara; Nobu-san’s knowledge of horticultural and aesthetic principles have contributed to many enthusiasts’ understanding of the culture behind the art of Bonsai.

Nobu-san was Terukichi Katō’s apprentice at the family's Masei-en Shiten nursery for 5 years. Terukichi-san was the third son of Tomekichi Katō, and was a contemporary bonsai master like many of the Katō family.

- Paul Eslinger
Paul is the Society’s Chairman and has been developing bonsai since the 1980s when originally challenged to grow a tree in a pot. Over the years, Paul has studied with Alex Kennedy, Natsuo Kobayashi and Nobu Kajiwara.

Paul leads the Society in its efforts to better understand all of the elements of bonsai, and shares this with others through speaking and demonstrating at a number of British Societies’ meetings and events. Paul has also judged bonsai at local, national and international levels.

- Ray Beddows
Ray Beddows is the former Secretary of the historical Satsuki Society Azalea Society where he actively pursued the enhancement of knowledge around the specific requirements of the Satsuki Azalea.

Ray continues to grow and develop Satsuki and other bonsai, and is always a useful source of knowledge and practices associated with bonsai.

The list of authors, photographers and artists is a growing list and one which we update periodically; so if we have missed any authors, photographers and artists we apologise and will be correcting this at the next update. If you observe an error in this respect, please drop us a line at info@eastleighbonsai.co.uk

The contribution of their work to our website is gratefully acknowledged and much appreciated. The bonsai community is richer for their sharing which has demanded that they give us time and effort, with no benefit other than this short note of thanks.

Gratefully Thanking You.


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