3. Pruning Satsuki Azaleas

Many people are attracted to Satsuki Azaleas because of their unusual, colourful and profuse flowers. However, they sometimes hesitate because they don’t know what the day-to-day care of these plants entails. This illustrated paper is intended to act as a short reference guide when pruning your Satsuki Azaleas in the Summer.

If you are interested in learning more about cultivating Satsuki Azaleas as bonsai, come to one of our meetings or send us an email.

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2. A Care Calendar for Satsuki Azaleas

This growing calendar was written for the Satsuki Azalea Society by Ray Beddow, then Secretary of the Society. It was produced to act as a general fact sheet and month by month guide for the keeping and growing of Satsuki Azaleas, primarily as bonsai but also as patio and potted plants.

Satsuki Azaleas have been bred and selected for over 300 years in Japan and are highly prized for their prolific and often varied flower colours.

For 11 months a year, they can be seen as perfectly formed bonsai but then for that one special month a year they erupt in a profusion of colour that makes this species stand out from all other bonsai.

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1. Labelling Satsuki Azaleas

This is a short a guide on the history and nomenclature of Satsuki Azaleas, researched and written by Paul Eslinger for the Satsuki Azalea Society,

With a number of competitions and exhibitions requiring exhibits to be labelled, how should we label our Satsuki Azalea? What is the basis of labelling an exhibit correctly? Does it matter?

The following is a brief synopsis of the proper form for labelling Satsuki Azalea based on information from “The Hillier’s Manual of Trees & Shrubs” 6th edition written by Hillier’s Nurseries (Winchester) Ltd and “Azaleas” Revised and Enlarged Edition written by Fred C Galle.

Read more about the origins of Satsuki Azaleas here.

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